Balthali Heli Tour

Balthali is a is a village development committee that lies in Kavrepalanchowk District in Bagmati Zone of Nepal. It is a small and beautiful village with a small sleepy settlement that rests at the junction of Roshi and Ladku Khola. The place is just beyond Khopasi which 40 KM is about away from Kathmandu. Baithali is highly covered with different beautiful thick forests with different luxuriant floras, colorful rhododendron, sal trees and magnolia. Sightseeing the village gives you the most pleasant feelings with the beautiful observation of village culture and tradition. Easy Heli brings the most wonderful Balthali Heli Tour package in Nepal which offers you the exciting Ariel views of different beautiful settlements and green natural forests. This tour is best for those who have a limited time and do not want more physical fitness. You can get access to the place in less time. You do not have to trek for a long distance and stay many nights in a hotel. We provide you the best nature scenes with the great opportunities of observing wildlife and lifestyle of people in the village.

Balthali is regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal due to its different ethnic groups of people with different culture and tradition. The place is best for nature lovers as the tour towards Balthali takes you to the beautiful sceneries of the forests and its exceptional species of wildlife. The place is widely famous for its unique culture and tradition which is untouched by the modernity. There are different temples and monasteries including Indreshwar Mahadev, Brahmayani Temple and Namo Buddha which are the main attractions for the tourists. There are still many mysterious pasts in the place that still needs to be discovered. The Ariel views of different beautiful rivers with making you feel blessed during the tour.

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