cheap Helicopter tours in Nepal

Easy Heli charter service is the trailblazer for the helicopter natural sightseeing tour in the entire Himalaya region of Nepal. We offer the supreme and quality service with the enjoyable helicopter tours for the adventure seekers at the low cost-value. We are attached with the feeling of our customers and believe in the quality service and care about our customer’s satisfaction. Generally, the cheap Helicopter tours in Nepal are for those people who seek for the tour with limited time and limited money. As the trekking requires the proper fitness and the time as well, you need to climb up and down and manage many different things for the trek; helicopter tour in Nepal is the best for them. The cheap helicopter tour helps to shorten the days of trips and gives the feeling of enjoyment in the short period of time with low-cost worth. You don’t need to walk and get tired and then get rest which wastes the time for a busy person. The helicopter takes a small space for the landing. It can be hired by the tourists and command towards which destination you want to go.

Heli tour in Nepal is one of the prepossessing tours with the magnificent approach of traversing the great mountain chain nation which grasps the pleasing view of unique land structure and villages with the unique culture and tradition. Nepal is a small country in comparison to its neighboring countries. Despite being small, she has different types of religion and castes with different culture and tradition. The collection of great mountain ranges uniquely identifies the nation in the international field. These mountain ranges hold the great and world-class tours in the comparison to the other. Every year many tourists from the different parts of the country come to visit Nepal with the aim of capturing the natural scenarios of the beautiful mountain ranges and the lifestyle of our country. The pleasing views of the great Himalayas attract the tourists time and again. We have been providing different Himalaya tours that embrace the beautiful and luxurious views of mountains with the unique group of people living in the beautiful villages of Nepal. We have different packages of heli sightseeing tours and helicopter shuttle services for our customers. The heli sightseeing tours include:

·         Everest Heli Tour – The great tour towards the Everest Base Camp

·         Annapurna Helicopter Tour – The heli tour to experience the beautiful views of Annapurna mountain ranges and the other Himalayas

·         Langtang Helicopter Tour – The tour to observe the unique lifestyle of the Tamang ethnics and spectacular views of Langtang Himalaya Range

·         Kailash Manasarovar Heli Tour – The tour that takes you to the out of the world terrain of Mt. Kailash that holds the religious value of different group of people

·         Mountain Flight by Helicopter in Nepal- The easiest way to explore the natural and cultural wealth of the beautiful Himalayas of the country

·         Jomsom Muktinath Tour – The tour to visit the Muktinath temple that translates as the Lord of Salvation that holds the great religious influence in Nepal.