Easy Heli Evacuated two Slovakians from Mt. Everest

Easy Heli Evacuated two Slovakians from Mt. Everest

  • 19 Jul, 2016

Easy Heli Charter Service has saved two lives of Slovakian from the hard route of Mt. Everest. The climbers were trapped in an avalanche that hit the south-west face of Mt Everest at 7,200 meters on 11th May, early Tuesday morning.

The Sherpa’s employed by Easy Heli Charter Service struggled throughout the day & night yesterday to bring the trapped climbers back to the Camp II from where they were airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment this morning.


lovakian climbers Vladimír ŠStrba and Zoltán Pál after being rescued from an avalanche at the Camp II on the Mount Everest, on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

The Sherpa’s were dropped at Camp 2 (6800m) on 10th May, that is where the helicopter can only drop up to. Then from there, the Sherpa’s climbed for 17 hours to Hard Route (7200m) &  finally bring the patient down at Camp 2, from where it was possible to air evacuate to Vayodha Hospital in Kathmandu.

Both climbers who were trapped in the icy slope had struggled for their lives hanging on a safety screw and carabineers for several hours.

“We had fixed the ropes (nearly 700 metre long) along the risky slope before bringing the climbers back to the safer place,” the rescuers who put their lives at risk to save the climbers reacted.

Liaison officer Shiva Sapkota from Everest Summiteers’ Association toldTHT Online over phone from the base camp that such rescue was rarely conducted in the climbing history.


Both of them suffered minor injuries and were under medical observation at Vayodha Hospital in Kathmandu for few days.