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We Fly

Experience the iconic Himalayan range up close and personal from a bird’s eye view with Easy Heli.

Local Network

Giving Back

Easy Heli’s strongest asset has been empowering local communities in emergency rescue services to help expedite the process. Easy Heli trains local communities in all of the remote areas in first aid, rescue and response to start the rescue process while the helicopter travels to the location.

Earthquake Response

Easy Heli rescued over 40 Israeli visitors during the April 25th 2015 earthquake rescue and rehabilitation process. Easy Heli helped several local schools in reconstruction, and transported cargo free of cost in Dhading, and Khumbu. There was a lot of work done in close coordination with Shesh Ghale and his team as well.


Easy Heli stands out because of the heart that is put into the work. They have repatriated a Swiss climbers body back to his family, 2 years after his tragic passing away, as a way of giving back to the country where Mr. Sherpa learned so much about mountain rescue and rehabilitation.